1. "I think it would be GREAT if you went down on me…."

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  2. Carol planned the trip so they would have maximum time for this….

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  3. Julie’s favorite pastime was to call up her ex-husband just before you went down on her. 

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  4. Last night was last night. Today I want you to suck my pussy. 

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  5. Here you are, all yours. Tongues away

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  6. Jane could cum all night this way. Shelley could deliver, too. 

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  7. The suspense…the knowing that she wants it…knowing she’ll be wet and willing…

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  8. Yes, I can spread my legs wider. Why, what are you going to do? 

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  9. I’ll eat you till you surrender

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  10. "Would I like some cunnilingus? Well, honey…."

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  11. "Kiss you….there???”


    Whatever you say, Mrs. Perkins.

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  12. Redhead on fire


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  13. She lays back, raises a leg, and…

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  14. Then she said, do it one more time.

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  15. It’s all yours. Now go to work.

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